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Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

DC to AC

Solar panels output power in direct current (DC) while homes, businesses, and the grid are configured in alternating current (AC). A solar inverter converts DC to AC power, seamlessly integrating your system with the grid. No batteries or storage devices are required and nothing changes with the way you use electricity.

Inverter Brands

There are 3 types of inverters: microinverters, string inverters, and central inverters with optimizers. Just like our panels, we offer the leading brands of inverters.

Enphase Microinverters

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 25 Years (industry’s best warranty)

With microinverters, the DC – AC conversion happens on the roof. Each panel gets a microinverter, individually optimized for maximum production.

If one microinverter or panel fails or is shaded, it will not affect the production of other panels. No large inverter required.


SMA String Inverter

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 10 Years (optional extension to 20 Years)
String inverters are a solid and time-tested technology that is cost-effective too. Each panel is wired in series (a string), forming a circuit. The single inverter is installed near your utility meter, either at the side of the building or inside the garage. For sites with full sunlight, string inverters are a cost-effective solution. For sites where temporary shade is caused by trees or nearby structures, a string inverter may not be your ideal solution. With a string inverter, temporary shade on the string, even if just one panel, reduces production for the entire system.
Optional Feature: SMA Secure Power Supply
Solar systems are grid-tied. Regulations require solar systems to shut down during utility outages. Off-grid batteries that follow regulations are available, but are expensive. When the sun is up and the grid is down, the SMA Secure Power supply allows you to draw up to 1500 watts of electricity directly from your panels. This is enough to charge small devices such as cell phones or small radios.

SolarEdge Central Inverter with Optimizers

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 12 Years Inverter (optional extension to 25 Years), 25 Years for Optimizers
A “hybrid” between micro and string inverters, SolarEdge systems have a central inverter and DC optimizers for each panel, maximizing individual panel production. The central inverter is installed near your utility meter, either at the side of the building or garage for DC – AC conversion.

Inverters Compared

Manufacturer Enphase SMA SolarEdge
String Inverter
Central Inverter with Optimizers
No Large Inverter
Individually Maximized Panels
System Monitoring
Panel-Level Monitoring
Sites with Minimal Shading
Sites with Pronounced Shading
Secure Power Supply

How do I choose the right inverter?

Choosing the right inverter involves balancing between cost, length of warranty, and features. One of the most important features to consider is how you will monitor your solar production. Our energy consultants will guide you, helping you choose the right inverter.

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