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A “hybrid” between micro and string inverters, SolarEdge systems have a central inverter and DC optimizers for each panel, maximizing individual panel production. The central inverter is installed near your utility meter, installed either at the side of the building or in the garage for DC – AC conversation. SolarEdge inverters are forward-compatible with the upcoming Tesla Powerwall.

The Optimizers

Solar panels output electricity in Direct Current (DC). Optimizers are installed under each panel, maximizing the DC power on a per-panel basis. Unlike central inverters, any transient shade caused by neighboring trees, chimneys, buildings, etc. will not affect the array. If one panel is shaded, only that panel sees a drop in production.

P320 P400
Max Solar Panel Size
320 watts
400 watts
Ideal for LG, Mitsubishi & SolarWorld Panels
Ideal for SunPower Panels
25 Years
25 Years

The Inverter

The optimizers keep the generated electricity in DC. A single central inverter is installed at the side of the building, which converts the DC power into Alternating Current (AC). Unlike microinverters, the SolarEdge inverter creates a single point of failure.

SE3800A SE7600A SE11400A
Max Solar DC Input
5.15 KW
10.25 KW
15.35 KW
Min Main Panel Size Required
100 Amps
200 Amps
225 Amps
Max AC Output
3.8 KW
7.7 KW
11.4 KW
12 Years
12 Years
12 Years
Optional Extended Warranty
25 Years
25 Years
25 Years

Max Solar DC Input: The maximum solar array size recommended before it’s more cost effective to go with a higher efficiency inverter. DC input is: number of panels × rating of the panel.

Min Main Panel Size Required: The inverter requires your main service panel to be of a minimum size. YES proves in-house main panel upgrades to allow for a higher inverter capacity when installed with a new solar system.

Max AC Output: The inverter coverts DC to AC. This value is the maximum “useable” electricity that can be produced.

Panel-Level Monitoring

Get real-time data and analytics to measure production of individual solar panels as well as group performance. This platform is accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Monitor system performance and track historical production information for the system at the individual solar panel output. Insight to this level of monitoring ensures solar panel warranties can be met by panel manufacturers and enforced by consumers.

Going Solar with SolarEdge

Our energy consultants will help size your system, including determining which combination of solar panels and inverters that maximize production, reliability, and savings.