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Your trust is earned

At YES, we are proud to represent a technology that not only saves money but also helps the environment. Solar is a major investment and a permanent fixture. It is important to go with an installer you can trust. A properly designed & installed system will produce electricity for decades with minimal maintenance.


Why YES?

Industry-Leading 25 Year Production Guarantee & Workmanship Warranty 25 Year Production Guarantee BadgeOur installs are of the highest quality. We guarantee our workmanship labor on every system we install for 25 years – 2½ times longer than the industry average! Our 25-year workmanship warranty includes parts and labor associated with replacing or repairing your system and all penetrations we make to your roof. In addition, we guarantee your solar production. If your system fails to produce the amount of electricity we promise, we pay you for the shortfall—it’s that simple.

We Design, Engineer & Build Your System
Sit back and relax. Once you sign your contract, we will draft CAD designs, work with your HOA, apply for Permits, install your system, attend the final inspection, and apply for Utility Interconnection & Net Metering. The entire process usually takes 8 – 12 weeks from contract signing to passing final inspection.

100% In-House Labor (No Subcontractors)
100% In-House, No SubcontractorsEvery YES team member is an employee of the company, including in-house electricians that perform electric panel upgrades and electrical work.

Panel-Level Monitoring
Many solar installation companies do not provide panel level monitoring. At YES, we want our customers to understand their system and have full access to their production data.

YES has a showroom in Dublin, California, so you know where to find us. We showcase our products to give you a visual of how solar is installed. See our panels on display, mounted on sample roofs, for you to touch and tug. Schedule an appointment for a visit.

Commitment to Communication & Customer Service
You will be updated throughout the installation of your system and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have. Our commitment to customer service during and after your install is reflected in our customer reviews. We encourage you to read the feedback our customers give us. You are our customer for life.

Brand Neutral
Our energy consultants will present different options without any steering. Let us educate you so you can evaluate your options to make your best informed decision. Our goal is to help you maximize energy efficiency and savings.