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Learning Center

Good Morning Sunshine

Harness the power of the sun! Reduce or even eliminate your electric bill. Our energy consultants will work with you and size your system to maximize energy savings to help you achieve energy independence!
Photovoltaic cells are comprised of a semiconductor material such as silicon. In addition, boron and phosphorous are used to create conductivity within the cell and activate the movement of electrons. The electrons move across the cell when activated by the sun’s energy into the electrical circuit hooked up to the solar panel. Solar panels are either roof or ground mounted, ideally facing a southern or western orientation to maximize production.

The Main Components

Solar Panels: Outputs power in direct current (DC), while homes, businesses, and the grid are configured in alternating current (AC).
Inverter: Converts the DC power to AC power, allowing full integration with the grid. Nothing changes with the way you use electricity. Simply continue using your appliances as you’ve been.

Benefits of Solar

Green For the environment, more green for your wallet.

Save Money

Who said solar was expensive? Finance and your new energy costs will be lower than your old electric bill. Or, purchase and get a 5 – 7 year ROI. With either option, you OWN the system and get the 26% Federal tax credit.

Reliable Power

Solar is solid-state with no moving parts. It’s virtually maintenance-free and lasts decades, providing clean, sustainable energy for years to come. We guarantee solar production and workmanship for an industry-leading 25 years.

Clean Energy

Solar is a clean, sustainable, and renewable source of energy. Going green is no longer expensive – it actually pays you. Help both the environment and your wallet.

Save with Net Metering


When your solar system is producing more power than you are using, your meter literally spins backwards. The extra power goes to the grid, powering other buildings. Your utility “banks” this extra production for you to use later, such as during nightfall and cloudy days. This process is called “net metering”. Net metering allows you to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. No battery storage required.

Daily Production

Solar Panels: Outputs power in direct current (DC), while homes, businesses, and the grid are configured in alternating current (AC).
Inverter: Converts the DC power to AC power, allowing full integration with the grid. Nothing changes with the way you use electricity. Simply continue using your appliances as you’ve been.

We Design, Engineer & Build Your System

At YES, we custom design every system, residential and commercial, both roof and ground mounted. Our energy consultants will taylor a reliable system that maximizes production, minimizes cost, and looks great. Find out why Your Energy Solutions is so highly rated on Yelp, Angie’s List, and the BBB. We go the extra mile to make going solar easy for you.

Step 1

Contact Us

Contact us to get started by calling 888.888.0711 or by requesting a quote. We listen to your needs, goals, and budget and design a system that eliminates your electric bill, while keeping your wallet fat. Our YES energy consultants even go the extra mile to discuss the energy efficiency products we offer so you can save even more. And because YES is brand neutral, we represent the industry’s top-rated manufacturers so you can make your best informed decision.

We invite you to visit us at one of our local showrooms and encourage you to “test” before you “invest”, because our biggest investment is in serving you, our valued customers. Stop by and check out our solar panels from SunPower, LG, SolarWorld, and Mitsubishi, mounted on actual roofs built inside our showrooms. And test drive all of our energy efficiency products, live and ready to demo. Customers tell us that a showroom visit brings the experience to life. We just love meeting our customers in person.

Step 3

Review Your Options

Your YES energy consultant will present an optimal system design along with several options for system equipment in a range of sizes. Pick your favorite option and we’ll provide a detailed financial proposal that maximizes savings and Return on Investment.

Step 5

Construction & Final Steps

100% In-House Labor

Installation of the solar panels, inverter(s), racking, roof penetrations, waterproofing, and all electrical work are performed with the utmost care by our in-house installation crews and are backed by our 25 year production guarantee and workmanship warranty. Once your installation is installed, YES coordinates your final inspection with the Building Department and applies for Utility Interconnection & Net Metering.

You’ll then start producing your own power, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. We are here to support you today, and for the life of the system.

Step 2

Site Survey

We begin by collecting  your historical electric usage to correctly size your solar system. A sophisticated site survey is conducted where:

  • We measure your roof and the available sunlight that strikes it.
  • We inspect your electrical system for solar compatibility in its existing state.
  • We verify the structural integrity of your roof to support the weight of the system.
  • This process validates our industry-leading 25 year production guarantee & workmanship warranty.

    Many of our competitors do not perform site surveys, relying strictly on satellite imaging. That’s a great start, but it’s not enough. In fact, most of our competitors never see the roof until their crew sets foot on it to begin installation (a HUGE mistake). These companies spin this cost-cutting measure as a benefit, by promoting the site survey as “annoying & unnecessary,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Our site surveys allow us to maximize the number of solar panels that can be installed and enable us to identify any required electrical or structural work that may be required before the solar installation process begins.

Step 4

Design & Permitting

Our solar engineers go to work and prepare a CAD or “blueprint” design fo
r your project. We use this design to Permit your project and work with your Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Permit fees are always included in our quote.

Each customer is assigned to a YES project coordinator to keep you updated throughout your project. We are BIG on communication and are here to answer any questions you have along the way.