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Tesla String Inverter

Tesla String Inverter

String inverters are a solid and time-tested technology that is cost-effective too. Each panel is wired in series (a string), forming a circuit. The single inverter is installed near your utility meter, either at the side of the building or inside the garage. For sites with full sunlight, string inverters are a cost-effective solution. For sites where temporary shade is caused by trees or nearby structures, a string inverter may not be your ideal solution. With a string inverter, temporary shade on the string, even if just one panel, reduces production for the entire system.
How String Inverters Work
  • A single unit, usually mounted either at the side of a building or in a garage, that functions for all of your solar panels.
  • All solar panels connect together in “series wiring”.
  • Work well for most applications and are a good value. A string inverter can accommodate future system expansion, if planned for during the original system design.
  • Maximum power point tracking (power harvesting) is performed at the string level, not the panel level.
Best For Sites with Minimal Shading
  • String inverters are not optimal for applications where solar panels receive transient shade from immovable objects such as nearby trees, chimneys or adjacent structures.
System Level Monitoring
  • String inverters allow you to monitor system performance and track historical production but do not allow you to view individual solar panel output, only the sum performance of the system.
  • View production on the a Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer
10 Year Warranty
  • String inverters typically carry a standard manufacturer warranty period of 10 years. Extended warranties are available at an additional cost.

Multiple Roof Orientations

Oversizing your array is beneficial if your solar system faces two different orientations (directions). Each direction’s production will peak at a different time of the day. The combined production may be less than the inverter’s AC output capacity.


How Tesla Inverter and Powerwall+ Works

The Powerwall+ has two separate inverters, one for battery and one for solar, that are optimized to work together. Its integrated design and streamlined installation allow for simple connection to any home, and improved surge power capability brings whole home backup in a smaller package. Smart system controls enable owners to customize system behavior to suit their renewable energy needs.

Going Solar with Tesla Powerwall+

Our energy consultants will help size your system, including determining which combination of solar panels and inverters that maximize production, reliability, and savings.