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San Ramon, CA Solar Install – Mitsubishi Solar Panels & Enphase Microinverters

Solar install in San Ramon, California. This system consists of 25 Mitsubishi 270 watt panels and uses Enphase microinverters. We estimate this system to produce 9412 kilowatts in its first year, completely offsetting their electric usage. And so far, actual production is exceeding our projections by over 20%.

With Enphase microinverters, there is no single large inverter installed at the side of the home. Each panel has its own dedicated microinverter installed underneath each panel, which means no single point of failure. In the rare chance a microinverter fails on this customer’s system, the remaining 24 will continue to produce power. That means only a 4% loss in solar production vs 100% loss with a single large inverter. Enphase backs its microinverters for 25 years. Your Energy Solutions matches this warranty with labor, which means no extra costs if your system needs any servicing.

Enphase systems also come with panel-level monitoring. View and track production anywhere with an internet connection though a computer, tablet, or phone.

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