Moraga, CA Solar Install – LG Panels + Enphase Microinverters

Posted by YES on March 9, 2018 in All Black Solar Panels Enphase LG

In Moraga, California, we installed 25 all-black LG 305 panels. We expect this system to produce 8442 kilowatts in its first year. Production is lower than what is typical because this customer’s home is surrounded by trees, causing shading. Without shade, we expect this system would have produced 12,573 kilowatts of electricity in its first year.

We installed this system using Enphase microinverters. Rather than one big inverter on the side of the home or building, each solar panel will literally has its own inverter underneath the panel. Since each panel will be independent of the next, each solar panel maximizes its production individually. If a panel is shaded, the shade only affects that particular panel, not the entire system.

Also, if one microinverter fails, the rest of the system will continue to work. This customer’s solar system will still be 96% running. We will work quickly to get that microinverter replaced to get the customer back to running at 100%. In contrast, if there was a big central inverter and it went down, the customer would be at 0% production.

Best of all, the customer can view production by the panel from either the computer or a mobile device and get proactively alerted for any potential issues.