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How to Estimate the Installation Cost of Your Battery Backup System

The installation cost for a battery backup (energy storage solution) can vary widely from house to house. There are several potential expenses that are often overlooked by online “Project Calculators” which can quickly add to the installation costs.

Are you experiencing sticker shock as you research battery backup systems?

You’re not alone.

A quick check of prominent Battery Backup System / Energy Storage Systems (ESS) websites can leave you with more questions than answers.

Here’s the reality of it, the cost of your battery backup system (energy storage system – ESS) is dependent on 3 things:

  1. Battery Type: Cost is dependent on the type, capacity, brand, size and chemistry of your battery.
  2. ESS Mounting Location: Cost includes equipment installation, location at your property, building code costs, and permitting.
  3. Site Electrical Infrastructure: Cost is dependent on the existing electrical system setup, the location of electrical enclosures, possible rerouting of electrical panels and circuits, connections, wiring and electrical installation costs required to connect the battery backup and meet local building codes.

(*see the Top 5 Potential Added Costs of Installing an Energy Storage System)

No Surprises

While Online Calculators can be helpful in getting an initial project estimate, they seldom take into account the full scope of your equipment, installation, and electrical costs. Instead, they tease you with a “Buy Now, Find Out True Cost Months Later Approach.”

One of the largest nationwide energy storage companies uses a friendly Online Calculator which allows you to enter your address and energy usage and then specs a generic one-size-fits-all approach while skimping on the installation, electrical, and permitting costs.

At Your Energy Solutions, we believe the customer should have all the facts before going into the project, so there are no surprises.

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