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Energy Efficient Thermal Pool Heating

Heat your pool with solar energy and a variable speed pump for one-third of the electricity that a microwave uses. Schedule a Call to learn how today.
When you choose YES to heat your pool with solar energy, you will be heating and filtering your swimming pool for about 1/3 of the energy that your microwave oven uses. That’s correct, less than 400 watts per hour for everything. No other solar or pool company is anywhere close to designing systems with this amazing energy efficiency.
All swimming pools use electricity because it requires an electrical circulation pump to filter, heat, and move the pool water throughout the system. Solar heating systems add more pipe, valves, and fittings to push water through the system. This adds even more work for the pump because the panels are on the roof. So during the swim season, your electric bill can jump significantly as the pump runs up to 8 hours a day, pushing water through the solar panels on your roof.
properly designed system that includes a variable speed pump, can use a lot less electricity. But guess what. Over 90% of the solar pool heating companies in business today are using the outdated method of circulating water through the panelsIt’s been around for thirty-plus years, and while it heats the water well, it spikes your electricity billSo if you want to have a warm pool and be environmentally responsible at the same time, you do not want to use the outdated method.
One system we installed in Concord has 15 panels, totaling 688 square feet of solar collectors. This system is larger than 90% of most residential swimming pool solar systems we install. It circulates 10 tons of water every hour through the entire pool filtration and solar heating system. What’s the best part? During the swim season, the water is crystal clear and averages about 85 degrees while the pump uses the same energy as 3 1/2 traditional light bulbs.
We can do that for you too. But we won’t be using the outdated method that every other solar company will propose.
Schedule a Call with YES today and find out how your pool can be more energy efficient this season.

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