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Alamo, California Solar Install – Panasonic & SolarEdge Solar System

Alamo, California is a small, unincorporated, town located between Danville and Walnut Creek in Contra Costa County. Here, we installed a larger solar system, consisting of 40 all-black Panasonic 315-watt panels.

Because of the surrounding trees, the system is under some shade. To mitigate, we installed a SolarEdge inverter, which allows the panels to have maximum production on a individual basis. This means one shaded panel does not affect the rest of the system.

Before any install, we send out a site survey tech to measure for shade. This way, we can give our customers an accurate forecast of how much actual electricity their solar system will produce.

For this customer, we expect the new solar system to produce 15,100 kilowatts of electricity, more than enough to offset the customer’s total annual electricity consumption. The customer can keep track of solar production online his phone, computer, or tablet.

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