San Francisco Solar Install

Posted by YES on November 29, 2018 in Enphase Installs LG

While San Francisco is often nicknamed “Fog City”, it is still possible to get good solar production in the City.

However, with the many buildings, trees, and power lines densely packed in San Francisco, there is a lot of shading. If a group of solar panels are attached to one string inverter, and a single solar panel is shaded, the entire system underperforms.

This is why microinverters, such as those manufactured by Enphase, are the best option when installing solar in San Francisco. With microinverters, each solar panel has its own dedicated solar inverter. If one solar panel is shaded, the rest of the system is completely unaffected.

In addition, with its dense row housing, roof space is a premium in San Francisco. Therefore, high-capacity solar panels are required to maximize solar production.

We installed 11 LG 365-watt solar panels, paired with 11 Enphase microinverters, to maximize our customer’s solar production given the limited roof space.

And solar production can be monitored at the panel-level from any web browser, iOS, or Android device. With panel-level monitoring, it is easy to keep an eye on the health of the solar system.