YES vs SunRun

  • You get the 26% Federal Tax Credit. With leasing, the solar company gets it.
  • The system is yours. You are free to expand your system whenever you like.
  • You enjoy the savings immediately. If you finance, your payments are fixed. With leasing, your payments escalate, going up every year.
  • Selling your home is easier. With a lease, buyers are reluctant to claim the liability of an older low-quality system that is not sized to their needs (leasing companies typically offer low-quality equipment to minimize their costs to satisfy their shareholders). Often, buyers are forced to buy out the lease.

Purchasing Solar Compared

Your Energy Solutions vs Sunrun

Purchasing solar offers many benefits over leasing, including the 26% Federal Tax Credit. For purchasing, we have compared Your Energy Solutions with Sunrun, listing what each company provides. For Sunrun, we used quotes directly from their website. Most of their marketing material on their website applies to leases; purchased systems follow a completely different set of rules. If purchasing solar with Sunrun, here are some things to watch out for:

Production Guarantee | Workmanship WarrantyService for Warrantied Solar Panels & Inverters | Panel-Level Monitoring | Proactive Monitoring | Solar Installers

Production Guarantee Workmanship Warranty Service for Warrantied Solar Panels & Inverters Panel-Level Monitoring Proactive Monitoring Solar Installers
Your Energy Solutions 25 Years 25 Years Yes Yes Yes In-House
SunRun None 10 Years No No No Outsourced

Production Guarantee

Your Energy Solutions: 25 Years
Sunrun: None

While Sunrun has a production guarantee for leased systems, Sunrun offers no guarantee for purchased systems:

We do not offer a performance guarantee for Sunrun BrightBuy or BrightAdvantage.

BrightBuy and BrightAdvantage are Sunrun’s products for solar purchases and leases, respectively.

Your Energy Solutions guarantees production 25 Years. If your system doesn’t produce what we promise, we compensate you in cash.

Workmanship Warranty

Your Energy Solutions: 25 Years
Sunrun: 10 Years (with restrictions)

Sunrun states the following about its 10 Year warranty:

We provide a limited warranty of ten (10) years (the “Warranty Period”). During the Warranty Period, we will at our expense repair or replace any material or workmanship covered by the limited warranties. This limited warranty does not cover materials already covered by the manufacturer warranties, such as modules and inverters. We also warrant our workmanship for a period of ten (10) years after installation.

Your Energy Solutions offers a comprehensive 25 Year Workmanship Warranty, 2½ longer than Sunrun and the industry average for purchased solar systems. Our warranty covers parts and labor associated with repairing your system and roof penetrations. We use the the highest-quality solar mounts, manufactured by QuickMount PV, to ensure a leak-free install.

Service for Warrantied Solar Panels & Inverters

Your Energy Solutions: Yes
Sunrun: No

Sunrun states the following if there is a warranty issue with the solar panels or inverters:

The modules and inverters installed as part of the solar system are covered by separate manufacturer warranties. We will assign to you any manufacturer warranties in effect upon installation. We will also provide you reasonable assistance in contacting manufacturers. If a manufacturer fails to pay us for services to correct a deficiency, we will bill you for that service at our standard rate for time and materials.

With Sunrun, if your panels or inverters need a warranty repair, it is up to you to contact the manufacturer and coordinate with Sunrun. Sunrun will only perform the fix free of charge if the solar manufacture pays them. In fact, most solar panel and inverter manufacturers do not pay installers for truck rolls for warranty repairs. So expect a bill from Sunrun for any repair work – and who knows what the “standard rate” is.

And if the solar manufacture goes out of business, then there is no replacement. This is why Your Energy Solutions only works with the top solar manufacturers, companies that have been in the business for decades producing high-quality products. We are confident those companies will be hear for decades to come to service their products.

With Your Energy Solutions, as long as the panel or inverter is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we will fix the issue free of charge, labor included, up to 25 Years!

Panel-Level Monitoring

Your Energy Solutions: Yes
Sunrun: No

With Sunrun’s monitoring portal, you only have access to monitoring the system as a whole. You can’t see if a panel is malfunctioning. There is no way of knowing your system’s performance, on top of no production guarantee. Not being aware of a malfunctioning solar system can eat into the savings solar offers.

With Your Energy Solutions, you can view production by the panel on solar systems that support it (Enphase and SolarEdge). If a panel goes down, you’ll see it.

Proactive Monitoring

Your Energy Solutions: Yes
Sunrun: No

Sunrun does not offer any proactive monitoring:

Sunrun does not provide active monitoring for these systems. We may continue to monitor the solar system for as long as the meter continues to function, or until the twentieth anniversary of this Agreement, whichever is sooner.

With Your Energy Solutions, set up alerts on your monitoring portal (Enphase or SolarEdge) and get emailed if there is an issue with your solar system.

Solar Installers

Your Energy Solutions: In-House
Sunrun: Outsourced

Sunrun outsources most of its installs. The installers might be wearing a Sunrun shirt or driving a Sunrun-labled vehicle, but they are likely not employees of Sunrun.

Sunrun only works with insured partners who have all required licenses to perform the work necessary to install and maintain your system

Your Energy Solutions solar installers are 100% in-house and never outsourced. We can vouch for the quality of work our installers do, which is why we can guarantee oor workmanship for 25 Years, while Sunrun can only guarantee 10 Years.

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