Solar Panels Point South…

But Pricing Is Going North

At YES our goal is to inform and educate our customers about ways to reduce their electric bill and gain energy independence.

For months we have been hearing from vendors about the rising cost of products, labor, and fuel. (See below for documentation.)

Since March we have been actively absorbing these cost increases. These increases have hit the point where they can no longer be absorbed or mitigated by our suppliers.

Effective immediately all new proposals from YES will reflect a price increase to account for these cost increases.

If you are still considering your options for solar, pool heating, battery backups or attic fans, ACT NOW. Vendors have already told us to expect additional price increases in the fall.


LG – July 1, 2021

Price increase on solar due to significant cost increases on components 


Solaria – July 1, 2021

Price increase on solar due to significant cost increases on raw materials, labor, and shipping.



Enphase – June 15, 2021

Price increase notification due to component shortages and high freight costs


SolarEdge – August 6, 2021

Price increase notification due to component, transportation and logistics costs.



Arlington – June 29, 2021

Price increase of 5%-35% on Fittings


Nvent – June 25, 2021

Price increase of 4%–12% on Electrical and Fastening Solutions


Picoma – June 12, 2021

Price increase of 10% (weighted average) on pipe and install fittings


Unirac – July 26, 2021

Price on Ground and Roof rails and install systems 


Generac – August 2021

Continued price increase on air-cooled & liquid-cooled products, residential transfwer switches and accessories.


K2 Systems – August 2021

Continued price increase on raw materials and fuel prices.



EATON – July 1, 2021

4th announced price increase of the year




A nationwide report citing California in the top of all national retail prices for gasoline




 Associated General Contractors of America

Construction Inflation Alert

View the report online  



There is a national shortage of electricians. Causing prices to rise and extending project timelines.


California Construction Cost Index CCCI

A historical look at the Building Cost Index (BCI) for San Francisco and Los Angeles

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