Solar Install Process

The Next Steps

After signing your contract, we will work in the background to get your solar system installed, commissioned, and interconnected successfully. Different cities have different regulations and procedures. Sometimes, a step can take a few weeks to complete, including the process to obtain the Permit. When we target an install date, we factor these delays in. However, excess delays caused by the city or weather are beyond our control can delay your installation. Feel free to contact us anytime for an update.

Step 1 - DesignStep 1: Design

Your Energy Solutions (YES) will design CAD drawings and will email them to you for your reference. These drawings are needed to apply for the permit from the city.

Step 2 - Permits & HOAStep 2: Permits & HOA

YES will apply for the required Permits from the city/county and if required, work with you for your HOA’s approval. Some jurisdictions require the homeowner’s input. We will let you know if this is required. Once complete, we will email you a copy of your Permit.

Step 3 - InstallationStep 3: Installation

YES will contact you approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your install to confirm the exact construction date & time. Please note that construction is tentatively scheduled. This is construction and the unexpected can happen, even at the last minute. In most cases, installation will take between 1-2 days. If multiple components are required for install (such as a service upgrade or whole house fan), installation will be conducted in multiple segments. In rare instances, we might encounter something unexpected, which may cause the installation to take longer than anticipated.

Progress payment is due on the 1st day of construction.

Step 4 - Final InspectionStep 4: Final Inspection

After construction completion, YES will request a final inspection from your local government’s building Department. The final inspection is required to get your Permit signed off. A member of our crew will also be present during the inspection.

Final inspection dates are set by the city. YES has no control in setting the date or time when the final inspector will arrive. In addition, cities reserve the right to change or cancel final inspection times with little to no notice. In most cases, final inspection is within a week of install completion.

Final payment is due upon passing final inspection.

Important: If getting solar panels installed for your home (or any other work that requires a permit), your home must be updated to meet the following codes:

a) Smoke detectors must be installed in all bedrooms and in all hallways for all floors.

b) 1 carbon monoxide detector must be installed for each floor.

If your home does not meet these requirements, then the building inspector will not pass the final inspection for your solar system. To comploy, battery-powered Smoke and Carbon Monoixde detectors can be purchased at hardware stores.

Step 5 - MonitoringStep 5: Monitoring

If ordered, YES will install web monitoring to monitor your system. Typically, monitoring will be installed either during your install or inspection. Information on how to access the web monitoring portal will be emailed to you a few days later.

Note: To install monitoring, you must have 1 free ethernet port on your router/modem, an available power outlet, and your wifi information ready. If you need more ethernet ports on your router, purchase a switch such as this one.

Step 6 - Interconnection & Net MeteringStep 6: Utility Interconnection & Net Metering

After passing final inspection, YES submits required paperwork for your Net Metering Agreement to the utility company on your behalf and requests permission to operate. We cannot apply for Net Metering until final inspection has been passed.

Utility companies state that it may take up to 30 business days for net metering to be activated. In our experience, it typically takes around 2 weeks. During the interim time, you may enjoy using your solar system. However, excess production will not be credited until Net Metering is turned on.

Step 7 - Closing DocumentsStep 7: Closing Documents

Once all work is complete and net metering is turned on, YES will send you closing documents, including Permit, CAD planset, warranty information, and paid invoice.

Enjoy your solar system!

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