Production Numbers in Production Guarantee

Why are the production numbers in the production guarantee different than those in the proposal?

The proposal previously sent illustrates real world production you should expect.

The production guarantee is developed using the US Department of Energy’s PV Watts calculator, which tends to calculate production at 6-10% less than real world production. They did this for various technical reasons as well because of previously-existing solar rebates (which were available until 2014).

If your solar system’s production falls below our production guarantee, we made a design or install error, and we will compensate you. Warranting system design and installation is the underlying function for all production guarantees and we believe that no production guarantee should be used as a marketing tool by the installer as a comparative basis for analysis between installers. This is for two reasons:

  1. Regardless of installer, the same equipment installed on the same house will produce the same amount of electricity.
  2. Promoting the retail rate of a production guarantee to a homeowner should signal that the installer is tempting their willingness to over pay you they make an error. It is ironic that solar installers would do this because solar installs should not be marketing “Our production guarantee rates are higher than theirs”. This is like promoting “We pay you the most when we make mistakes”.

Rest assured, the proposal is a clear and accurate representation of what we fully expect your solar system to produce.

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