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Never a single failed panel in its history.

With over 90 years of manufacturing excellence, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation began investing in photovoltaic research and development in 1974. Mitsubishi solar panels may quite possibly be the most highly engineered solar panels available in the marketplace.

Mitsubishi - Residentail Job - MLE265HDResidential job in Pleasanton, CA.

40+ Years of Solar Experience: Solid and reliable, Mitsubishi is a Japanese manufacturer and solar pioneer that has decades of experience in refining its solar products from its start in 1974. Many competitors only recently entered the solar market, thus their long term quality is unproven.

25 Year Panel Warranty: In business since 1870, be confident Mitsubishi will remain in business to honor its warranty. In fact, Mitsubishi panels are known to last over 40 years.

Designed to have a 50-year service life, Mitsubishi’s legacy of quality and cutting-edge technology shines in the MLE product line with half-cut silicon cells, quad buss-bar cell distribution, full aluminum back sheet contacting, panel-length pure silver buss bars, lead-free solder, 4-layer encased dual junction boxes and extra rigid aluminum frames.

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STC DC Rating 265 watts 270 watts 275 watts 265 watts
Warranty 25 Years 25 Years 25 Years 25 Years
Frame White White White Silver
Enphase Compatible
SMA Compatible
SolarEdge Compatible

Mitsubishi MLE265HD Panel

Mitsubishi Advantages

High-Efficiency 4 Busbar Monocrystalline Cells

Selective emitter and half-cut technologies boost cell efficiency.

Mitsubishi - High-Efficiency 4 Busbar Monocrystalline Cells

Excellent Durability & Protection

Guaranteed reliable in even the most extreme environments. Our modules have an uncompromising design and are built to last.

Mitsubishi - Excellent Durability & Protection

Installable in Areas with High Salt Concentration

Normally, high salt content in the area (in areas such as next to the ocean) can do serious damage to the structural integrity of a PV model, and can also pose an electrical safety hazard by causing corrosion. However, due to the intelligent design and high quality of the materials used, our modules can be safely installed in such areas with high salt concentration in the air. The MLE series panel is the top seller in Hawaii where salt air is highly concentrated.

Improved Frame Design with Protection Bar

The design of the module frame with a reinforced protection bar creates greater module strength and prevents temperature fluctuation to reduce cell micro-cracking.

Mitsubishi - Improved Frame Design with Protection Bar

Double Corrosion-resistant Frame Coating

The highly durable aluminum frame is treated with two separate corrosion-resistant coatings for excellent durability and a beautiful finish. Even the individual screws have double anti-corrosive coatings for lasting protection.

Mitsubishi - Double Corrosion-resistant Frame Coating

4 Busbar Cell

Though an industry-leading innovation of integrating 4 busbars into each cell, internal electrical resistance is reduced, boosting cell output by 3%. This is possible because the distances between the busbars are shorter and less current flows though each smaller electrode where resistance is highest.

Mitsubishi - 4 Busbar Cell

The 4 busbar cell has a more uniform tab stress dispersion than cells with fewer busbars. Because the stress peaks of the cell are lower, it is less prone to cracking.

Dual Junction Boxes

Mitsubishi Electric eliminates any possibility of a module internal short circuit. Each module has isolated positive and negative leads, creating greater module safety.

Mitsubishi - Dual Junction Boxes

Anti-Reflective Glass

An anti-reflective coating has been added to the glass of the modules. It improves the light transmittance of the glass by reducing the amount of reflection on the surface. This improvement has led to a module output increase of 2%. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric modules use a non-porous type of anti-reflective coating, which is more resistant to the adhesion of dust than porous types.

Mitsubishi - Anti-Reflective Glass

Lead-Free Solar

Mitsubishi Electric was the first Japanese manufacture to introduce (and still use) 100% lead-free solder in the inter-cell connections as another initiative contributing to environmental protection.

Selective Emitter

In a standard doping process, silicon wafers are doped with phosphorus to create a P/N junction. This level of doping concentration was a trade-off between conductivity with the cell electrodes and career charge recombination. Higher concentration levels leads to a higher conductivity, but more carrier charge losses, and vice versa. As a solution, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new selective emitter process in which only the area in contact with the electrodes is doped with high concentrations to maintain both high conductivity and low career charge losses. This improvement has resulted in an increase in cell output of approximately 5%.

Mitsubishi - Selective Emitter

Half-Cut Cell

By reducing the area of each cell and connecting them in a parallel formation, the amount of electrical current carried by east busbar is reduced by half. This results in the decreased of electrical resistance within the busbars and an increase in overall efficiency of about 2.5%.

Cells are cut with a special process using high-precision laser to maintain the integrity of the cell.

Mitsubishi - Half-Cut Cell


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