Solar Panels

Brand neutral for a reason.

At YES, we believe in choices. That’s why we are a technology neutral company and offer panels from 4 top solar manufacturers, each with decades of solar experience. Every YES client gets a customized solution. We avoid the “off the rack” approach.

Why go name brand?

The solar industry is rapidly expanding and new manufacturers pop up all the time. Their financial performance and product reliability are unproven. Therefore, so is their warranty. If they fail, a lost warranty will negate all solar savings.

That’s why the brands we represent have been in business for decades, are solar pioneers, and will be there to stand behind their product.

YES only represents quality products from bankable companies:

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Solar Panels

Brand Headquarters STC DC Rating* Warranty
SunPower*** USA 335, 345, 350 or 360 watts 25 Years
LG South Korea 330, 335, 350, 355, 360 or 365 watts 25 Years
Panasonic Japan 330 watts 25 Years
SolarWorld USA 290 watts 25 Years
Panasonic South Korea 290 watts 25 Years
Q-Cells South Korea 280 watts 25 Years
Japan Solar Japan 280 watts 25 Years
Mitsubishi Japan 265 or 275 watts 25 Years

* Each panel is factory-tested. Its tested output is its STC DC rating.
** As they age, solar panels have a slow linear degradation.
*** Premium, all-black option available.

So which panel is “best”?

Higher Efficiency ≠ Better Quality

The manufactures we represent offer exceptional and reliable solar panels. In terms of reliability, no panel we offer is “better” than any other. For efficiency, let your roof be your guide. If you have limited roof space, you’ll likely need the high-efficiency of SunPower or LG panels. If you have plenty of roof space, we recommend saving money on the system by purchasing Mitsubishi solar panels.

For example, a system sized around 6.2 kilowatts DC can be comprised of:

  • 18 SunPower 345-watt panels
  • 20 LG 320-watt panels
  • 22 SolarWorld 285-watt panels
  • 23 Mitsubishi 275-watt panels

All 4 options will give you around the same “real world” production. Each will produce the same amount of electricity per year. However, the SunPower system will be the most expensive.

23 Mitsubishi or 18 SunPower Panels

Same real world production. Only difference is roof space.

Mitsubishi vs Sunpower - 23 vs 18 Solar Panels


SunPower is the most efficient panel and has the highest cost per watt while Mitsubishi has the lowest. LG and SolarWorld are between the two. If roof space isn’t an issue, the best choice is Mitsubishi. However, if you have limited roof space and want to maximize production, SunPower or LG are ideal.

Turning on the Solar

Solar panels output power in direct current (DC), but homes, businesses, and the grid are wired in alternating current (AC). The inverter’s function is to covert DC power into AC. Learn about the inverters we offer.

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