Referral Program

for PV Solar Installation

Your Personal Experience Matters

In a world of instant online feedback, one of the highest praises you can give is letting your friends know about Your Energy Solutions.

We don’t take your referrals lightly.

It’s our way of letting you know we value your opinion and experience with us.

For every solar install referral you give that leads to an install, you will receive:

$275 Per Friend

For every friend you refer, who chooses to go solar with YES, we will give you a referral fee.

$1,000 Bonus

For every 4th friend that you refer to YES who decides to install solar on their home through us, we will give you an extra bonus.

$2,100 Total

The amount you could receive if you refer 4 friends who install solar with us.

4 friends x $275 each = $1,100
Bonus for 4th friend = $1,000

Getting Started

Step 1

Download the Free App or Visit the Website!

Step 2

Create an account  using code 8208.


Step 3

Start referring! Your energy consultant will contact them.

Download the App

App Store
Google play


What if I prefer to use Windows or Mac or I do not want to download the app?

An online app is available that functions identically to the iPhone/iPad/Android app.

The app is asking me to enter in a company code. What is the code?

Our company code is 8208.

When are rewards sent?

Rewards are sent approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the entire solar install process is completed. A solar installation will be considered complete once the system passes final inspection, is interconnected with the utility, is paid in full, and all remaining “finishing touches” are complete.

How do I claim my rewards?

Simply log into your referral account. You can choose between transferring your reward to your bank account or getting a gift card. Rewards must be claimed within 30 days.

Can I be sent a check instead?

At this time all rewards are only sent through the referral app.

Anything else important to remember?

To earn credit, a referral must be registered through the app prior to us contacting them and must not already exist in our system as a lead. Participants must get permission from their referrals before adding them to the app. Referrals must install a new photovoltaic solar system with a minimum of 10 panels. In cases where 2 customers claim the same referral, Your Energy Solutions will have sole determination over which referral gets the reward. Your Energy Solutions staff may not alter the terms of the referral program.