Japan Solar + SMA

Value, Quality & Features

At under $3 a watt, Japan Solar panels with a German-engineered SMA inverter provides value and savings without compromising quality and features. Easily reduce or eliminate your electric bill with an ROI of as little as 5 years. With our in-house team, we’ll take care of the design, permitting, install, and interconnection with grid.

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Jet-Black Panels

Japan Solar panels are jet-black, offering elegance while continuing to maximize power, value, and reliability.

Japan Solar has been manufacturing solar panels for 32 years (since 1985) and has since grown into a 3 billion dollar company. Being vertically integrated, they manufacture the silicon, cells, and the panels themselves, ensuring the best quality. And their panels are backed not only by a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, but with 3rd party insurance as well. In the rare chance that Japan Solar folds, the warranty is still honored.

Emergency Power Supply

Solar systems are grid tied. If the grid goes down, the solar system shuts down as well. With SMA’s exclusive secure power supply, draw up to 1000 watts directly from your panels when the grid is down and the sun is up without expensive battery backups. Use this emergency power to charge or run small devices such as phones or small radios.

Monitor Production Anywhere

See how much electricity your solar system is producing in real time. Whether on your phone or your computer, track historical production by the month or day, back to when the system was first installed.

25 Year Production Guarantee

Solar systems are reliable and require minimal maintenance. But in the rare chance something does go wrong, we’ve got your back. We lead the industry with a 25 year production guarantee. If the system does not produce what we promise, we compensate you.

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Let’s work together to reduce your electric bill and carbon footprint. Give us a call or request a free solar evaluation online. There is absolutely no sales pressure.

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