Protected: Mounting Location Variables

Enphase – Energy Storage Solution 4 batter example

The installation cost for a battery backup (energy storage solution) can vary widely from house to house. Age of the home, location of electrical panels and access to the equipment all play a part.

But, there are several potential expenses that are often overlooked by online “Project Calculators” which can quickly add to the installation costs.

Here are 5 Mounting Location Variables which can Affect Your Cost of Installing an Energy Storage System (ESS):


1. Wall Structural Engineering

Wall-mounted batteries require special engineering to prove the wall framing can support the battery weight. Inadequate engineering will incur extra expense to meet code and equipment requirements.


2. Building Code Requirements

Code requires that an ESS not be mounted to the firewall between the garage and home. Additionally, to avoid vehicle and safety-related accidents, batteries mounted in the garage to the floor or wall may require installation of:

• Heat detectors
• Pedestals and seismic strapping to raise the batteries 18 inches above the floor
• Permanent parking pollards to safeguard against vehicle collision with the batteries


3. Signage Requirements

In the event of an emergency or service call, personnel must be able to disable your energy storage systems. Building code requires the design and installation of Code Enforcement approved custom safety maps, signage and design placards to direct and guide their work.


4. Fence and Gate Installations

Energy storage systems require a direct line of sight to the main service panel and a disconnect within several feet of the installation. Fences or gates which separate the equipment, obscuring this line of sight will need extra disconnect switches, gear, and labeling.


5. Natural Gas Supply Lines

Energy storage system equipment must be at least 36 inches away from natural gas supply lines. Any equipment within this space will require extra electrical routing to meet code requirements.