Watchdog Gas Safety Valve

Watchdog Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

Without a gas safety shutoff valve, your home may be in danger. It only takes a few minutes for leaking gas from a ruptured or disconnected gas line to create a devastating fire or explosion. Even if someone is home to turn off the gas supply, they must know where the manual shutoff valve is located and have the proper tools, knowledge, and strength to turn off the gas.

Automatic gas shutoff valves are installed on the pipe between the gas meter and your house. Natural gas piping and appliances can be damaged during earthquakes and other events, causing gas leaks. The WatchDog automatic gas shutoff valve is a precisely engineered ball valve that detects any sudden increase in gas line pressure resulting from line rupture or leaks, and prevents the flow of gas to your home and all downstream gas appliances.

In the event that the WatchDog interrupts the flow of gas, only utility personnel or other qualified professional should perform repairs,restore gas service, relight any appliance pilots, and perform a thorough safety and leak check.

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Be Prepared

Gas line issues can occur when you’re not at home – don’t accept the risk of fire and explosion – protect your home and family by installing the WatchDog today.

How It Works

  • The WatchDog has a compact design that fits all residential gas supply lines (natural gas or propane)
  • Protects your home during a seismic event or gas line rupture
  • Automatically resets itself; will not “trip” if accidentally bumped at the meter
  • Is recommended by insurance companies
  • Is 100% factory tested, patented technology

Watchdog Gas Safety Valve - How It Works

By installing an automatic gas shutoff valve, you can help prevent potential gas fires or explosions that could damage nearby homes and cause potential harm to your neighbors.

Talk to your neighbors about how you can help protect each other from natural gas issues by installing auto gas shut off safety valves.

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Watchdog Gas Safety Spec Sheet

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