Solar Attic Fans

Cool Attic = Cool Home

Solar attic fans are an active ventilation source that promote lower attic temperatures, saving energy by helping to reduce the amount of hours your AC unit needs to operate. Picture this: It’s sunny and 90 degrees outside — you’re having fun and enjoying the weather, but meanwhile, your attic is becoming superheated by the sun’s radiant energy, turning your attic into a 140º “hotbox”. This extreme temperature inside your attic saturates all building materials in your attic space, including your home’s insulation.

Once your attic insulation absorbs heat, it remains above 100º long into the night. This unwanted heat transmits directly into your living space below. Attic heat becomes trapped because most attics are only constructed with a passive venting systems (i.e., ridge vents, eave vents, gable vents) that are mildly effective due to their passive nature. Solar attic fans work differently because they create “active” ventilation, forcing heat out of your attic through vents.

Solar Attic Fan

40º Cooler, No Electricity

Solar Attic Fan IllustrationHarnessing the sun’s energy, solar-powered attic fans run efficiently and silently every day, year round, ventilating your attic and preventing heat and moisture from building up.

In the summer, a solar attic fan provides effective ventilation, reducing attic temperature build-up by as much as 40º by forcing heated air from your attic and venting it outside without the need of an electric power source. By reducing attic temperatures, the heat load is significantly reduced, making your living space more comfortable while saving energy and reducing your utility costs.

Save Energy

Solar attic fans can reduce the need to run your AC by as much as 20%. Unlike conventional electric-powered attic fans which consume a large amount of electricity during their operating life, solar attic fans work efficiently and effectively, adding nothing to your utility bill.

Eliminate Moisture

In addition, solar attic fans removed trapped moisture and humidity, both of which can affect insulation, joists, rafters, and promote the growth of mold spores and mildew, especially during long periods of rain. Year-round ventilation provides preventative maintenance for your attic and roof.

 Natural Light Solar Attic Fans

We are an authorized Dealer of Natural Light, a high-quality American Made solar attic fan manufacturer.

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  • Increase attic ventilation and provide continuous air circulation
  • Removes super-heated attic air
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
  • ZERO operating costs
  • Built-in thermostat control and auto-on/off
  • Protects roof components
  • Whisper quiet operation

Contact us and one of our energy consultants will help you with proper sizing.

Whole House Fans  vs.  Solar Attic Fans

Both whole house fans and solar attic fans serve different purposes but work best in tandem with each other.

A whole house fan:

  • Mounts between your living space and the attic floor
  • Should be used during the morning, evening, and night
  • Draws fresh, cool air into your home through open windows
  • Cools your home up to 20º in as little as 1 hour
  • Forces hot attic air out through roof vents
  • Reduces AC use by as much as 50%

A solar attic fan:

  • Ventilates your attic
  • Prevents attic super-heating during the summer months
  • Promotes air circulation to prevent moisture build-up during winter months
  • Works to equalize attic temperature with ambient temperature
  • Qualifies for the Federal 30% solar tax credit

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