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Stop paying for wasted electricity!

ILS Motor Miser PictureWe all want to protect our electronics, computers and appliances from the risk of lightning strike, power surge, or brownout. Most of us use power surge strips to protect our valuable electronics. However, most of us don’t protect our home’s appliances or machinery. If a destructive surge were to occur, it could zap them out of commission and you would incur hefty replacement costs.

Our Inductive Load Safe (ILS) Motor Miser functions as a surge protector for appliances and machinery with motors, but more importantly, it reduces the amount of electricity they use. Its purpose is to store electricity otherwise lost and wasted by appliances with electric motors. The ILS unit stores this energy and supplies it back to your appliances efficiently, decreasing electric demand from the utility company. Decreasing electric demand means less usage and lower electric bills!

Protect your expensive appliances and machinery Refrigerators/Freezers, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Pool/Spa Pumps,Air Compressors, Washing Machines/Dryers, Hot Tub Motors, Vending Machines, and Power Tools


The ILS Motor Miser was engineered for quality and safety and has earned Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certification and is CSA certified. It’s manufactured with a weather-tight steel enclosure to ensure years of reliable service.


Our customers typically see an immediate savings of 8% -10% on their electric bills. In addition to ongoing energy costs savings, an ILS Motor Miser helps to extend the life of appliances and motors, resulting in less frequent replacement costs.


The UL-approved ILS Motor Miser has an unconditional 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our residential ILS Motor Misers are NEMA 3R rated and designed to a 200-amp capacity.


Industrial/commercial units up to 800-amp capacity are available to meet the most rugged applications. These units are renowned for protecting expensive motors, increasing motor longevity, suppressing power surges, and lowering utility demand charges. These units can be mounted directly to most industrial-scale inductive loads, are available in custom sizes, and can be engineered to meet specific electrical configurations.

Visit one of our showrooms for a live demonstration of an ILS Motor Miser, and see for yourself how this technology can pay for itself in as little as 24 months! Dollar-for-dollar, the ILS Motor Miser could be the smartest, most economical energy saving technology you can put in your home.


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