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EV (electric vehicles) + PV (solar panels) = Free Driving!

Wifi & App Enabled

Remote start, scheduling, reminders, estimated charge time, and energy usage. Features a standard car charger cannot offer.


Uses the industry-standard J1772 connector, which works with any electric car, including Tesla, Chevy Volt, and Nissan Leaf.

Auto charge when rates are low

Utility companies typically offer a special time-of-use rates for owners with EVs that discount overnight charging. Tell Chargepoint about your unity’s rate plan and it will automatically charge when rates are low. It automatically adjusts to changes off-peak hours for weekdays, weekends, and seasons.

Avoid using your EV’s interface

Chargepoint can be programmed to directly charge your EV without programming your car. There is no adjustment required for off-peak charging times, and charging time rules are universally applied. If you charge during the day while at work or shopping, you won’t need to manually override your home charging preferences because charging preferences are stored on the Chargepoint, not your car.

Never forget to plug your car in

Chargepoint reminds you if your car is not plugged in by your specified time. It sends a reminder to your smartphone if you forget to plug in your car. This ensures your EV will be ready when you are.


Chargepoint enables you to remote start, schedule, and set charging reminders from your smartphone. The Chargepoint app allows you to view energy usage, driving range, and charger output based on your EV model.



16A 32A
Compared to Standard 110v Outlet 3x faster 6x faster
Max ChargingRate 3.84 kW 7.68kW
Range PerHour Charge Up to 12miles Up to 25miles
Cord Length 12' 18'
Plug Version
Outdoor Install (requires hardwire)
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years

Time for Full Charge

Battery Example Car Standard Outlet 16A 32A
23 kW Chevy Volt, Ford Focus 12.75 hours 6.4 hours 3.2 hours
24 kW Nissan Leaf 13 hours 6.5 hours 3.5 hours
25 kW BMW i3 13.5 hours 6.8 hours 3.5 hours
60 kW Tesla Model S 33 hours 18 hours 8.3 hours
85 kW Tesla Model S 47 hours 23.6 hours 11.8 hours

Note: Charging times are approximate. Max charging rate depends on on-board car charger speed. Check with vehicle manufacturer for max charging rate.
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