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An Alternative to AC

In California, we are blessed with fantastic weather. On the hottest of summer days, we enjoy cool evenings with low humidity. However, heat buildup during the day remains in the home throughout the night even when the temperature outside your home is cooler than the temperatures inside. This creates the need to run the Air Conditioner at night for comfort. Those cool, low-humidity nights makes California the perfect location to use whole house fans, an energy efficient alternative to air conditioning.

Using the AC to combat all this pent-up heat is not only expensive, but it requires spending evenings sealed up indoors. Using a whole house fan offers you the luxury of pulling in fresh, cool air from outside. Your home is cooled naturally, allowing you to reduce or even eliminate the need to run your air conditioner completely.

How it Works

How Whole House Fan WorksJust open up one or several windows and turn your whole house fan on. The whole house fan operates silently and hot air collected in your home after a hot, sunny day into your attic space. The whole house fan creates a positive pressure in the attic, forcing out the pent-up hot air through the gable, soffit vents. At the same time, Whole House Fans create a negative pressure (a vacuum) inside your living space. This vacuum draws in cool outside air through open windows.

In about 30 minutes, your entire home is cooled by 10 – 15 degrees, making your feel like you have been running your air conditioner.


Whole house fans are installed between the ceiling in the living space and the attic. Whose house fans are quiet and energy efficient, designed to run the entire night and consume as little as 29 watts.

AirScape Whole House Fans

YES is proud to be an authorized installer of AirScape Whole House Fans, the industry’s highest rated. Contact us and let the cooling begin! One of our energy consultants will help you with proper fan sizing, placement, and pricing.

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Whole House Fans vs Solar Attic Fans

Both whole house fans and solar attic fans serve different purposes and work in tandem with each other.

A whole house fan:

  • Mounts between your living space and the attic floor
  • Should be used during the morning, evening, and night
  • Draws fresh, cool air into your home through open windows
  • Cools your home up to 20º in as little as 1 hour
  • Forces hot attic air out through roof vents
  • Reduces AC use by as much as 50%

A solar attic fan:

  • Ventilates your attic
  • Prevents attic super-heating during the summer months
  • Promotes air circulation to prevent moisture build-up during winter months
  • Works to equalize attic temperature with ambient temperature
  • Qualifies for the Federal 26% solar tax credit


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