San Francisco Solar Install

Posted by YES on November 29, 2018 in Enphase Installs LG

While San Francisco is often nicknamed “Fog City”, it is still possible to get good solar production in the City. However, with the many buildings, trees, and power lines densely packed in San Francisco, there is a lot of shading. If a group of solar panels are attached to one string inverter, and a single solar

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Solar Install in Orinda, Contra Costa County in California

Posted by YES on September 19, 2018 in LG Solar SolarEdge

In Orinda in California’s Contra Costa County, we installed a solar system consisting of 30 LGsolar panels, paired with 1 SolarEdge inverter. This install has a small amount of shade. With SolarEdge, each individual solar panel gets its own individual optimizer. If a solar panel is shaded, only that particular solar panel is affected. It

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Alamo, CA Solar Install – LG Panels + SolarEdge Inverter

Posted by YES on February 16, 2018 in LG SolarEdge

In Alamo, CA, we installed all-black LG panels with a SolarEdge inverter. While the surrounding trees do cause shading, the SolarEdge inverter is able to individually optimize each panel, allowing each to produce at its own maximum. Even if some of the panels are shaded, it does not affect production for the rest of the

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Hayward, CA Solar Install

Posted by YES on December 29, 2017 in LG SolarEdge

Solar install in Hayward, California. This solar system contains 16 LG 320-watt panels with a SolarEdge inverter. Total system size is 5.12 kilowatts DC. We expect this system to produce 7,518 kilowatts of electricity in its first year. With Net Metering, solar customers are billed annually for electricity (though some taxes and fees are still

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Are more efficient solar panels higher quality?

Posted by YES on June 16, 2017 in LG Mitsubishi Solar Solar Panels SunPower 1 Comment

Different brands of solar panels offer different levels of power output. For example, we sell both SunPower 345 watt panels as well as Mitsubishi 275 watt panels. A common misconception is that because each SunPower panel outputs more electricity, they are of higher quality. In reality, both companies have extensive experience in manufacturing high quality

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San Ramon, CA Solar Install

Posted by YES on January 13, 2017 in Installs LG Solar SolarEdge

Solar install in San Ramon, California. System consults of 22 all-black LG 300 panels with a SolarEdge inverter. We estimated this system to produce 8273 kilowatts in its first year. So far, production is exceeding our expectations by over 10%. With Net Metering with the electric company, extra solar production during the day offsets the

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