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Run your AC guilt free this summer for $0 down

Summer is coming fast, which means choosing between the comfort of running the AC or higher electric bills. Now you can have both. With solar, avoid rising rates and reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Your utility meter will literally spin backwards during the day, offsetting your night usage. You can produce all the electricity your family uses right from your rooftop! And it’s affordable!

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Two Julys Compared

1 Year apart before and after solar.

July Before Solar

July Before Solar:

Power Consumed: 939 KW

Electric Bill: $240

July After Solar

July After Solar:

Power Consumed: 951 KW
Solar Produced: 1189 KW
Extra Power: 238 KW

This customer made no changes to his use of electricity, including running the AC during the peak of summer. With solar, not only was he able to offset all his electrical use, he produced 238 KW of extra power which can offset the winter months, eliminating the electric bill. His solar investment will break even in 4.5 years.

Purchase or Finance

Either way, say goodbye to high electric bills

Whether purchasing or financing, you own the system, and can write off 30% of the total system cost though the Federal Tax credit. You can’t do that with leasing. With leasing, the installer gets the tax credit.


  • 4.5 Years ROI
  • Enjoy a ROI better than the stock market.
  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill.


  • $0 down. Enjoy the savings immediately.
  • Pay your system off over 5-20 Years.
  • Payments can be lower than your old electric bill.

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Production Guarantee

25 Year Guarantee

25 years of production, labor, and roof penetration guarantees. If your system doesn’t perform what we promise, we pay you.

No Subcontractors

No Subcontractors

Every one of our techs is an employee of the company.

Panel Level Monitoring

Panel Level Monitoring

We want our customers to have full access to their solar production data.

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Yelp - 5 Stars BBB A+