Are more efficient solar panels higher quality?

Posted by YES on June 16, 2017 in LG Mitsubishi Solar Solar Panels SunPower

Different brands of solar panels offer different levels of power output. For example, we sell both SunPower 345 watt panels as well as Mitsubishi 275 watt panels. A common misconception is that because each SunPower panel outputs more electricity, they are of higher quality.

In reality, both companies have extensive experience in manufacturing high quality and reliable panels, and both have very low failure rates. The only difference is that the SunPower panel is more efficient.

Solar Panels

As shown above, a 6.2 kilowatt solar system could be comprised of either 18 SunPower 345 watt panels or 23 Mitsubishi 275 watt panels. The reliability is the same, the amount of electric production is the same, and quality of the panels is the same. The only difference is that the SunPower, being more efficient, has a premium price; the cost of 18 SunPower panels is much more higher than 23 Mitsubishi panels.

If you are looking for the fastest ROI and you have the roof space, Mitsubishi is the best way to go. However, if you are limited on roof space and want the absolute maximum solar production, SunPower is the better way to go. And if you are looking for something in between, we also offer LG panels, which offer higher efficiency than Mitsubishi without the SunPower price premium. 

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  • “Mitsubishi is the best way to go.” I agree. I received 11 proposals and went with Mitsubishi panels. They are the best value.

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