Enphase Solar Systems – Setting Proactive Monitoring Alerts

Posted by YES on November 16, 2016 in Enphase Solar Monitoring Support

The great benefit with solar systems is that they require minimal maintenance. However, like any other product, sometimes issues pop up. And it would be great to be alerted for any issue.

Enlighten Manger, the monitoring interface for Enphase solar systems, not only provides panel-level monitoring, but can also be set to email proactive alerts for any system or panel level issues. These alerts range from minor (such as the solar system losing its internet connection) to major (loss of total solar production). You’ll immediately know if there is any issue with your solar system.

Enlighten Manager Required

Proactive alerts requires access to Enphase’s Enlighten Manager interface, which we provide to all our customers. Unfortunately, it is not available with MyEnlighten. If you have MyEnlighten, you’ll need to ask your installer to upgrade you to Enlighten Manager.

To check that you have Enlighten Manager, login to your Enphase account. Look to the top-left, it will say “Enlighten Manager”.

Turning on Proactive Alerts

  1. Once logged into Enlighten Manager, click on the “Gear” icon towards the top-right.click-on-gear-icon
  2. Scroll all the way down to “Notification Preferences”. Click on “Change your preferences”.change-your-preferences
  3. Scroll down to “Alert email preference” and select the type of notification you would like.alert-email-preference

Setting Alert Preference

We recommend selecting the Medium or Greater impact events. Medium events are the same as low, but have lasted for a longer duration.


For example, suppose your internet service provider goes down for a few minutes and your Enphase solar system is unable to upload production data. If Low is selected, you will get an alert immediately. Medium will wait for a bit before sending out, reducing the number of false positives.

With proactive alerts, you will be first to know if there are any issues with your Enphase solar system, allowing you to take immediate action.

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